Entradas por Newland EnTech Europe

Newland EnTech Europe: Advanced Technology of the NLO Ozone Generators

NLO Ozone Generator Series: Best Technology Newland NLO series ozone generators use the most advanced discharge tube design and precise machining techniques to ensure outstanding performance and reliability. Newland NLO series oxygen-fed ozone generators can produce ozone concentrations of 0 – 270 mg/l. The lowest operation cost can be obtained at the ozone concentration of […]


Newland EnTech will provide a UV channel for the improvement of the Jinhua City Wastewater Treatment Plant

The plant will adopt AAO (Anaerobic – Anoxic – Oxic) process, coagulation and filtration method, and ultraviolet disinfection method for water treatment, so that the quality of water will comply with national Grade 1A discharge standard. With a scale of 80,000t/d, the project is planned to construct a series of facilities including a fine screen, […]


Newland EnTech Europe wins the supply of two Ozone Generator for the largest thermosolar plant in South America

Newland EnTech Europe was selected to supply two Ozone Generator for NOx removal in the thermosolar plant Atacama 1. The supply consists of two units of ozone generation from liquid oxygen mounted in heated containers with a closed loop cooling system. The ozone generating capacity is 24 kg/h with a concentration of 10% the assembly being […]

Newland EnTech Co. Ltd landed strongly in Europe

The Chinese multinational company Newland EnTech Co. Ltd Fujian together with its European partner Oxicom Water Systems, have taken the decision to open Newland EnTech Europe based in Madrid, Spain, in order to position itself among the three major European groups manufacturers in Ozone Generators and ultraviolet light disinfection systems . Newland EnTech Europe will […]