Newland EnTech Europe – Advantage of NLO Ozone Generators Air-Feed Ozone Generator
Newland EnTech Europe – Advantage of NLO Ozone Generators Oxygen-Feed Ozone Generator
Bigger Stronger Faster
Newland EnTech Co. Ltd.

Fujian Newland EnTech Co. Ltd., founded in September 2000, is an affiliated company of Fujian Newland Group that covers fields of Information Technology, Bio-pharmacy and Environment Protection… with 4.000 employees more than 10.000m2 in manufacturing centers & facilities.

Through a recent partnership with Oxicom Groups (European company with 30 years of experience installing turnkey O3 & UV plants).

Now, Newland Entech Europe is focus principally in European and Latam markets offering very competitive solutions with low operational cost, using Ozone and UV technology, reaching a privilege position as one of the main players in Water treatment industry.

Leading Product Performance

The Newland “Ozone Generator System” has been evaluated by experts from National Ozone Professional Committee and Qinghua University. They have stated that the Newland “Ozone Generator System” is innovative, with high ozone yield, small footprint, unique design, excellent performance and good stability. Newland EnTech Co. Ltd. Owns full independent intellectual property capabilities are equal to any other internationally recognized equipment. This equipment has been applied in advanced water treatment applications with excellent effect.

Modern Manufacturing Center

Newland EnTech has established multiple advanced production lines, in a manufacturing center of 10.000 m² with around 4.000 employees across the Fujian Newland Group. Newland has ten years of experience manufacturing a large range of equipment and is capable of fast supply and in considerable quantities.

Advanced Environmentally Friendly Products

Newland EnTech has developed nine series of water treatment, air purification and disinfection products, such as UV disinfection systems, large ozone generators, deodorizing equipment, and so on. The products have important applications in large-flow municipal sewage treatment, water reuse, water purification, and air purification. These products have applications in other industries as well.