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Successful participation in Aquatech Amsterdam for Newland EnTech

As previously announced, Newland EnTech attended the Aquatech Amsterdam trade fair.

As one of the main players in the market in the water treatment using ozone generators and ultraviolet systems, Newland exhibited throughout the week its last-generation ozone generators and ultraviolet disinfection systems (UV open channel and UV reactor).

During that week we took the opportunity to meet with our distributors around the world. We were happy to meet new potential customers, with very interesting project, and close new commercial agreements with big companies in the water sector. Therefore, we want to thank you very much for visiting us at our stand.

Meanwhile if you have any doubts you can contact us to our mail: or entering our web: .

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Aquatech Amsterdam 2017: SAVE THE DATE 31 Oct – 3 – Nov

The AQUATECH AMSTERDAM will take place from 31st October to 3rd November 2017.

AQUATECH is currently one of the largest and most important water fairs in the world.

Newland EnTech will be present with a modern stand where you will be able to observe our latest developments and innovations on the water treatment thanks to the ozone generators and ultraviolet systems technologies.

If you want to register you just have to click on the following link: Amsterdam Aquatech invitation.

Meanwhile if you have any doubts you can contact us to our mail: or entering our web: .

We will be waiting for you at our booth 07-229 (hall 6 – 7)!


UV Open Channel System – NLQ: Hangzhou Qige Wastewater Treatment Plant

During the last year, Newland EnTech has completed the installation of several facilities of wastewater treatment using Open Channel UV disinfection systems.
One of its most important projects was the implementation of the Hangzhou Qige Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project was carried out in three phases implemented one behind the other.
In this project, we use our most advanced disinfection systems in UV Open Channel: the NLQ range. These innovative systems have allowed us to treat effectively and efficiently a flow of 780.000 tons per day. The purpose of this installation is the implementation of discharge standard of pollutants for this municipal wastewater treatment plant. Thanks to the high disinfection power of the NLQ system, we could obtain 100 / 100 ml of fecal coliform in the water outlet.
The implementation of the disinfecting procedure NLQ meets the requirements of the purification plant operators (cost and ease of maintenance) and the specific requirements of the application (ensure disinfection).


Newland EnTech will provide a UV channel for the improvement of the Jinhua City Wastewater Treatment Plant

The plant will adopt AAO (Anaerobic – Anoxic – Oxic) process, coagulation and filtration method, and ultraviolet disinfection method for water treatment, so that the quality of water will comply with national Grade 1A discharge standard.

With a scale of 80,000t/d, the project is planned to construct a series of facilities including a fine screen, an aerated grit chamber, an AAO biological reaction and sedimentation tank, an efficient sedimentation tank, a filter, and a disinfection room. Meanwhile, SUPCON will carry out the revamping work for the phase I of the plant, and other two pumping stations.

Newland EnTech has been the selected company for realization of the Jinhua Qiubin Wastewater Treatment Plant Third phase. The UV disinfection channel have been designed to treat 80,000 tons / day by multi-mode AAO technology together with advanced treatment process. The UV disinfection system installed is a NLQ-80K.