New Drinking Water Plant installation for Newland EnTech

Newland EnTech awarded a new ozone installation in Spain, Cardeñosa DWP.
This installation consists in a retrofit of an old ozone plant with one Ozone Generator of 0,5 kg/h from liquid oxygen. Among the available options it is recommended the installation of a NLO Ozone Generator which combine reliability, high performance and excellent performance under the most adverse conditions. These units are supplied in conjunction with SRS cooling systems that allow the dissipation of the heat emitted during the generation of ozone under safe conditions.
The system works to an ozone concentration of 10% and was prepared to work fully automatically.
The ozone system incorporates a PLC to control the sequenced operation of all the ozone plant components and the ozone dosage in preozonation and intermediate ozonation.
The ozone is dosed as a function of process water flow with an optimization of the energy and oxygen consumption.
All the installation is monitoring in remote mode by our “SENTINEL”. This advanced remote-control system allowing us to control the operation and performance of the system.