Newland EnTech Co. Ltd landed strongly in Europe

Newland EnTech Europe

The Chinese multinational company Newland EnTech Co. Ltd Fujian together with its European partner Oxicom Water Systems, have taken the decision to open Newland EnTech Europe based in Madrid, Spain, in order to position itself among the three major European groups manufacturers in Ozone Generators and ultraviolet light disinfection systems .

Newland EnTech Europe will be the headquarter for the European , Middle East, Africa and American markets business development, using the structure of its European partner Oxicom Water Systems. With over 25 years of experience in the development of facilities and ozone applications for other companies, Oxicom Water System, is a strategic support for this structure.

The European office is centralizing the implementation of projects, coordination of installations and after sales service. Also the creation of an international network is inside the duties of the Spanish office. Spain is an important location for the international projection of the Group, as well as leading the world market in relation to the water treatment, it represents a natural bridge to the South American markets.