Newland wins the tender for the installation of a new ozone plant in Portugal

Newland awarded a new ozone installation in the Roxo DWP.

The supply consists of two units of ozone generation from liquid oxygen and closed loop cooling system.

The total ozone generation capacity is 4 kg/h with a concentration of 10% and prepared to work fully automatically.

The plant is fully automatic with a PLC to control the sequenced operation of all the ozone plant components. Each ozone generator has its own Power Supply Unit with the latest technology in semiconductors.

The ozone is dosed as a function of process water flow with an optimization of the energy and oxygen consumption.

All the installation is monitoring in remote mode by the “SENTINEL” system, allowing us to control the operation and performance of the system.

More information about this installation soon…..

Newland EnTech Europe will be present at AQUATECH Amsterdam fair

Newland EnTech Europe will take advantage of this fair to present its advanced technology in water treatment: Ozone & UV.

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water.

With over 850 exhibitors, a visitor attendance of 18,500 from 139 countries, 4,500 exhibitor staff and 1,100 Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) conference delegates Aquatech underlines its position as the world’s leading trade event for process, drinking and waste water. During 4 days filled with inspiration and innovation, Aquatech Amsterdam 2015 provided the perfect platform to network, exchange ideas and do business.

Aquatech Amsterdam is the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water. The exhibition is a unique concept in Europe with a 100% focus on water, with a visitor attendance of 18,500 from 139 countries and over 850 exhibitors every two years.

Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Prosperous New Year!

Newland EnTech Europe would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Newland EnTech Europe: Advanced Technology of the NLO Ozone Generators

NLO Ozone Generator Series: Best Technology

Newland NLO series ozone generators use the most advanced discharge tube design and precise machining techniques to ensure outstanding performance and reliability.

Newland NLO series oxygen-fed ozone generators can produce ozone concentrations of 0 – 270 mg/l. The lowest operation cost can be obtained at the ozone concentration of 150 mg/l, with power consumption of 7.5 kwh/kg ozone, 7 Nm³ gas consumption, 1.6 m³ cooling water.

Air-feed ozone generators can produce ozone concentrations of 0 – 70 mg/l. The lowest operation cost can be obtained at the ozone concentration of 35 mg/l, with power consumption of 16 kwh/kg ozone, 16 Nm³ gas consumption, 4 m³ cooling water.

Ozone generators adopt modular design, which enables easy assembly work from small scale to large scale. The high capacity ozone production systems range from 0.1kg/h to 130kg/h, suitable for various applications.


The discharge tube in the generator is the core technology and main component of the ozone system. lt directly affects equipment efficiency and reliability.

 NLO series ozone generator system adopts micro-gap dielectric-barrier   discharge design. This reduces the system operating voltage to 4 kV, which is much lower than the glass tube dielectric material limit of around 50kV. This minimizes any risk of short-circuit by dielectric breakdown n, ensuring running efficiency and enhancing   the continuous operational, safety and reliability. In addition, high frequency discharge techno logy improves the working efficiency of the ozone generator which consequently reduces the generator footprint.

Ozone Generator Power Consumption

7,5 KW/kg ozone


The Newland NLO ozone generator is a technically advanced system, able to produce 10kg/h of ozone from oxygen at a concentration of 150mg/L, with a power- consumption per kilogram of ozone at 7,5 kwh (for a cooling water temperature ≤25ºC).


Advantages of the New Dielectrics Generation:

  • Working voltages are much lower than in the conventional technology, around 4000 V.
  • Dimensions generators and power units are much lower.
  • Energy consumption is much lower

Newland EnTech will provide a UV channel for the improvement of the Jinhua City Wastewater Treatment Plant

The plant will adopt AAO (Anaerobic – Anoxic – Oxic) process, coagulation and filtration method, and ultraviolet disinfection method for water treatment, so that the quality of water will comply with national Grade 1A discharge standard.

With a scale of 80,000t/d, the project is planned to construct a series of facilities including a fine screen, an aerated grit chamber, an AAO biological reaction and sedimentation tank, an efficient sedimentation tank, a filter, and a disinfection room. Meanwhile, SUPCON will carry out the revamping work for the phase I of the plant, and other two pumping stations.

Newland EnTech has been the selected company for realization of the Jinhua Qiubin Wastewater Treatment Plant Third phase. The UV disinfection channel have been designed to treat 80,000 tons / day by multi-mode AAO technology together with advanced treatment process. The UV disinfection system installed is a NLQ-80K.


Newland EnTech Europe wins the supply of two Ozone Generator for the largest thermosolar plant in South America

Newland EnTech Europe was selected to supply two Ozone Generator for NOx removal in the thermosolar plant Atacama 1.

The supply consists of two units of ozone generation from liquid oxygen mounted in heated containers with a closed loop cooling system.

The ozone generating capacity is 24 kg/h with a concentration of 10% the assembly being prepared to work fully automatically.

The systems are prepared to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Atacama Desert, due to the conditioning of the containers.

The proposed systems provide customers one of the lowest energy consumption equipment in the market, with about 7,5 kW per kilogram of ozone generated.

Newland EnTech Europe

Newland EnTech Co. Ltd landed strongly in Europe

The Chinese multinational company Newland EnTech Co. Ltd Fujian together with its European partner Oxicom Water Systems, have taken the decision to open Newland EnTech Europe based in Madrid, Spain, in order to position itself among the three major European groups manufacturers in Ozone Generators and ultraviolet light disinfection systems .

Newland EnTech Europe will be the headquarter for the European , Middle East, Africa and American markets business development, using the structure of its European partner Oxicom Water Systems. With over 25 years of experience in the development of facilities and ozone applications for other companies, Oxicom Water System, is a strategic support for this structure.

The European office is centralizing the implementation of projects, coordination of installations and after sales service. Also the creation of an international network is inside the duties of the Spanish office. Spain is an important location for the international projection of the Group, as well as leading the world market in relation to the water treatment, it represents a natural bridge to the South American markets.