ODS Ozone Oxygen Oxidation Decolorization System EPC Turnkey Project

Dexida Wastewater Pretreatment Plant Exposure to ODS Ozone Oxygen Oxidation Decolorization System EPC Turnkey Project

Project Overview: Nanjing Shengke water wastewater pretreatment plant renovation project is based on the original transformation, the original process for the “pH adjustment + Fenton + coagulation sedimentation + hydrolysis acidification”, to be transformed into “pH adjustment + coagulation sedimentation + Contact oxidation + ozone catalytic oxidation “treatment process, the processing capacity of 2.000m³/d, 24 hours continuous operation.

Customer drainage color is high, coagulation and bio-oxidation of the wastewater color is basically no removal capacity, the need for ozone catalytic oxidation decolorization treatment to meet the park requirements drainage color ≤ 50 times the take over the standard.

This project is the EPC turnkey project for the deodorant wastewater pretreatment plant to contact the oxidized effluent ozone catalytic oxidation decolorization system. Fujian New World Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. According to the owners of the Dresdner wastewater pretreatment plant contact oxidation of ozone catalytic oxidation system decontamination system technical requirements to provide the project contact oxidation of water decolorization of ozone catalytic oxidation system design, construction design, with the The main design institute of the project should do the design work of the structure and supporting engineering of the ozone catalytic oxidation system and the design work of the external interface part of the system. The equipment supply, installation and commissioning shall be provided and the system