PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Project

PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment Project

Jilin Petrochemical Company sewage treatment plant to deal with the scale of 6500 tons / hour, the wastewater by biochemical and physical and chemical treatment, the influent COD is greater than 120mg / L, through the ozone oxidation of advanced oxidation, effluent COD less than 90mg/l. The project ozone equipment used four 40 kg/h ozone generator (3 plus 1).

Ozone oxidation process is the use of ozone oxidation of oxidative decomposition of water pollutants, has the following characteristics:

  1. Strong ability to oxidize organic pollutants, strong ability to remove organic matter
  2. The final decomposition of organic matter for the CO2 and H2O, no toxic and harmful intermediates, safe and environmentally friendly;
  3. pH value in the neutral or alkaline can be, without adjusting the pH value of sewage;
  4. Ozone generator to electricity and air to produce ozone, no chemical agents, on-site safety and health;
  5. The oxidation reaction time is short, the reactor volume is small.

Ozone catalytic oxidation process has good effect, wide application range, mature technology, combined with aeration biofilter, with low operating costs, good treatment and other advantages, is the application of sewage treatment at home and abroad more of the process.