We provide services to all your Ozone and UV installation, not only the equipment itself but also all peripherals, sensors, level probes and other accessories that are necessary for the correct operation of your plant. For you this means less effort and lower operation costs.


We evaluate not only the operation of your equipment, but also the way of how to operate for recommend you the most optimized way of working with your equipment and thereby you can save energy and operating costs. With our audit’s plant we will show you how to operate your equipment in the most efficient way.


With a regular maintenance of the equipment you will stretch its useful life and will have operating costs under control. We will offer flexible contracts of maintenance and adapted to your real needs in your installation. The long duration and high cost incidence are over. For a fixed cost we will have your equipment always ready for a proper operation.


We start up your Ozone and UV equipment integrating into your facilities according to your requirement. The entire installation will be fully functional and ready to operate.


To ensure our customer’s ability to manage their facilities, NEWALAND offers training in plants or in our facilities in Spain or China.


We modify your Ozone and UV programming equipment to adapt it to the new needs of the plant. We can integrate your equipment with SCADA or add new functionality you need.


If your equipment has a considerable age and they are operating with very low efficiency and very high operating cost, we recommend replacing them with new equipment best suited to the new way of operating existing facilities which often differs from the initial project.