UV Open Channel System – NLQ: Hangzhou Qige Wastewater Treatment Plant

During the last year, Newland EnTech has completed the installation of several facilities of wastewater treatment using Open Channel UV disinfection systems.
One of its most important projects was the implementation of the Hangzhou Qige Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project was carried out in three phases implemented one behind the other.
In this project, we use our most advanced disinfection systems in UV Open Channel: the NLQ range. These innovative systems have allowed us to treat effectively and efficiently a flow of 780.000 tons per day. The purpose of this installation is the implementation of discharge standard of pollutants for this municipal wastewater treatment plant. Thanks to the high disinfection power of the NLQ system, we could obtain 100 / 100 ml of fecal coliform in the water outlet.
The implementation of the disinfecting procedure NLQ meets the requirements of the purification plant operators (cost and ease of maintenance) and the specific requirements of the application (ensure disinfection).